Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jesse Boykins III - Itis

The homie Jesse is back @ it!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Splash! Mag’s VinylCheck w/ Raekwon

Kobe, Lebron & Santa (KRS-One) - Dunking on Reindeer

Sauce Money Ft . Memphis Bleek - What We Do

I was on this song hardcore back in High School.
lol...I use to play this and Nature's 1st album
when I was on dates with chicks..ha ha ha

I like to get my hustle on and make loot all day
Spit game at these chicks smoke in the hallway
Know how I feel about you right next to f
Like to shop tom d stay fresh to def
I like to analyze jigga man the evils is deep
Late night I hit these hoes while their peoples asleep
I like to wake up in the afternoon religiously
I on a vow last night fuck school imma spend this g
I like to tell fake thugs man they soft as nerves
Like they drink in front of the heat and take off the skirt
Like when chicks try to make it seam to provoke me the hitter
Handle that diplomatic and try to fuck their sister
Like to stay away from hoes I heard caught a disease
Like to do shows then hit bums off of some cheese
Everything I spit blaze never a sentence weak
Now I like to grab my dick and say bitch I’m memphis bleek
-Memphis Bleek

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009


Now for anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge Stars Wars fan.
this is what I'm talking about....DOPE!!!!!


Fly Girl of the day: Zoe Saldana


Statik Selektah Interview w/ Ignantwitted

Metazon Ft Kev Brown

Big shout out to the Homie EOP @ for
posting this last week.

Short PSA

Sorry I've been a little MIA on the post for the past few days.
Sometimes when you have nothing to blog about or have lack
on inspiration you have to step back and let it come to you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brother Reade x Gemini 5ive : Don't Start none From the "Ralph Lauren" Mixptape

Big Shout out to Ma Dukes who told me to never give
up and reach for the stars....this one is for you. The
hard work is paying off.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gemini 5ive: Astronaut ( A tribute to J. Dilla)

I was listening to an old Dilla beat tape, did a verse on this beat and ended up
putting this track on the Eletrolyte album. This is just a little tribute I wanted
to do for Dilla.

Witness the birth of a new breed
Space shuttle flow, I'm now moving @ light speed
The most heaviest, with flows I'm the freshest, Fresh as the air @ the top of Mt. Everest
Forever young, I'm in a class of my own
Grown to the point to I can now claim a throne
Rubix cube flow, re shape & mold
Camouflage patterns when the door shuts close
Smoke signals & a rain dance
Enhanced by the sounds, I'm ah lyrical reimbrant
A rare giant, stabbing folks with a tryadant
Pin point insights that may cause a riot
Hot like gasoline draws
The rarest black diamond no flaws
Snap shots I'm bout to bring it back like a sling shot
Overthrow Goliaith
Man the friction, is too hot
Surfing on high tide
People say it's my time
No rest for the werry, no country for the old time
Staying on the grind, I'm working all the time
Stay up in the crib late night & write rhymes
Staring @ the stars it's amazing
Lost in deep space, just the rhythm I be craving
Smashing through walls like I'm jugaknot
Peace to Jay Dee you now rockin' with the Astronaut

Off The Wall Sessions Ep. 6 Exile

Off The Wall Sessions Ep. 6 Exile from OFF THE WALL SESSIONS on Vimeo.

Ed Lover - C'mon Son 7

The Bravery- Slow Poison

Slow Poison - The Bravery from Orion Tait on Vimeo.

RZA Inspired By A Red Hot Chili Pepper To Make Music For Free

Pac Div Talk Debut Album, Grown Kid Syndrome

The RZA - Victory or Death (Trailer)