Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cam’Ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio

Even though I'm really not into songs about drugs and all that...for what it's worth, this isn't a bad track
-Ferrari 110

I Used To Get It In Ohio - Camron

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Upper Playground “Beat Down” T-Shirt

HA HA...HOVA'S coming for that ass Chris....lol

Spike Lee's take on the racist NY post cartoon

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blacksmith TV: Episode 4 - Rocking The Bells Pt 2

Blacksmith TV Episode 3 - "Rocking The Bells Pt. 2" from tunji balogun on Vimeo.

DJ Turne - Turne It Up (Dillalicious Mix Vol. 1) / Ame - Donuts: The Blueprints

Shout out to treesforbreakfast.com, and AME

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The Black Dot-The 5 Bloodlines of Hip Hop

This ain't nothing but the truth....shout out to Chris

Rapper Big Pooh - Radio

Rapper_Big_Pooh_-_Radio_Dirtybside.mp3 -

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A Tribe Called Quest - The Love Movement: Original Samples

I found this on another blog this weekend...damn this is RAW!!!!!!!!

1. “Sweet Georgia Brown” by The Singers Unlimited
* From the album The Singers Unlimited (1982)
* Sampled in “Start It Up”
* Produced by The Ummah

2. “Dubnova (Parts I & II)” by Towa Tei
* From the album Future Listening (1995)
* Sampled in “Find A Way”
* Produced by The Ummah

3. “Leo: Rosebud” by Cannonball Adderley
* From the album Love, Sex, and The Zodiac (1974)
* Sampled in “Steppin’ It Up”
* Produced by The Ummah

4. “Not Guilty” by Aswad
* From the album Live & Direct (1983)
* Sampled in “His Name Is Mutty Ranks”
* Produced by The Ummah

5. “Give Me” by I Level
* From the 12? single “Give Me” (1982)
* Sampled in “Give Me”
* Produced by The Ummah

6. “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men
* From the album Cooleyhighharmony (1991)
* Sampled in “Give Me”
* Produced by The Ummah

7. “Yearning For Your Love” by The Gap Band
* From the album The Gap Band III (1980)
* Sampled in “Pad & Pen”
* Produced by The Ummah

8. “Goin’ Through Changes” by Feather
* From the album Goin’ Through Changes (1980)
* Sampled in “Busta’s Lament”
* Produced by The Ummah

9. “New Horizons” by The Sylvers
* From the album New Horizons (1977)
* Sampled in “Hot 4 U”
* Produced by The Ummah

10. “Jingling Baby” by LL Cool J
* From the album Walking With A Panther (1990)
* Sampled in “Against The World”
* Produced by The Ummah

11. “Little Sunflower” by Freddie Hubbard
* From the album The Love Connection (1979)
* Sampled in “The Love”
* Produced by The Ummah

12. “Tidal Wave” by Ronnie Laws
* From the album Pressure Sensitive (1975)
* Sampled in “The Love”
* Produced by The Ummah

13. “La Di Da Di” by Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick
* From the 12? single “The Show” (1985)
* Sampled in “The Love”
* Produced by The Ummah

14. “What Can You Bring Me” by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band
* From the album You’re So Beautiful (1971)
* Sampled in “Rock Rock Ya’ll”
* Produced by The Ummah

1. “Soul Vibrations” by Kool and the Gang
* From the album Music Is The Message (1972)
* Sampled in “Scenario (Leaders of The New School Remix)”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

2. “Ecstasy” by Ohio Players
* From the album Ecstasy (1973)
* Sampled in “Scenario (Leaders of The New School Remix)”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

3. “Little Miss Lover” by Jimi Hendrix
* From the album Axis: Bold As Love (1968)
* Sampled in “Scenario (Leaders of The New School Remix)”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

4. “I Know You Got Soul” by Bobby Byrd
* From the single “I Know You Got Soul” (1971)
* Sampled in “Money Maker”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

5. “Turn On the Heat (And Build Some Fire)” by James Brown
* From the album Everybody’s Doin’ The Hustle and Dead On The Double Bump (1975)
* Sampled in “Money Maker”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

6. “Get On Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine)” by James Brown
* From the album Sex Machine (1970)
* Sampled in “Money Maker”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

7. “Fire” by Ohio Players
* From the album Fire (1974)
* Sampled in “Money Maker”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

8. “Who’s Makin Love” by Lou Donaldson
* From the album Hot Dog (1969)
* Sampled in “Hot Sex”
* Produced by A Tribe Called Quest

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brother Reade -Telepathe “Bells” remix by Bobby Evans feat. Jams

Even though I'm posting it a little late, this is a new track from my boys "Brother Reade"
Check it out it's fresh. OH....The're from North Carolina too....8)

To download:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dub MD & Spectacula Presents "Unexclusively Exclusive"

01.) Intro (Produced By Kon and Amir)
02.) Shine (Produced By The Alchemist)
03.) Pressure (Produced By Pete Rock)
04.) Your Welcome (Produced By 9th Wonder)
05.) Let Go (Produced By Madlib)
06.) Full Time Job (Produced By Pete Rock)
07.) Just Venting (Produced By Khyrsis)
08.) For The Websites (Produced By Black Milk)
09.) What's Next? (Interlude)
10.) Going Out Of Style (Produced By Pete Rock)
11.) The Forefront (Produced By Bronze Nazareth)
12.) Wasted Potential (Produced By DJ Premier)
13.) Snakes In The Grass (Produced By Khyrsis)
14.) For The Hell Of It (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)
15.) Gravity (feat. Gorillaz) (Produced By Gorillaz)
16.) Unexclusively Exclusive (Outro)

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New work by Texas: Maggie Horn

These pictures are soooooo dope.
-Ferrari 110

Monday, February 16, 2009

Royce Da 5'9" - Part Of Me

Be careful of the one night stands....

Blu - HerFavoriteColo(u)r (Mixtape)


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Jadakiss Freestyle On Toca Tuesday

The Kickdrums - Just A Game EP [Trailer]

Black Milk - Losing Out f. Royce Da 5′9″

Gemini 5ive & Pharoahe' ManC : 5ive & 13irteen

Do I have a treat for all of you today. Pharoahe' ManC and I
Have been working on a little passion project that we've been keeping
under wraps until now. So without further wait we present to you: 5ive & 13irteen
Pharoahe did all the rhymes and yours truly did all the production.
So please go support this EP we put together for y'all and please give your feedback on
the project. So enough of me......ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
the link in located with the picture on the left hand side of the Page. (just click on it and you'll
be directed to the link)

To Download 5ive & 13irteen:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

DJ Green Lantern & Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass (The Champ Is Back Pt. 2)

To download Kiss my ass:

J.Period AND Q-Tip – The [Abstract] Best, Vol. 1

1. J.Period f. Prince Paul, Questlove & Randy Watson– Rhythm (Scratch Intro)
2. Cannonball Adderly / Excursions Intro
3. J.Period f. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)
4. Aquarius Interlude #1: Welcome
5. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – Getting Up (DJ Scratch Remix) (The Renaissance)
6. Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins [Produced by J.Period]
7. What the Fuss f. Stevie Wonder (Shook Remix)
8. Queens Represent (Interlude)
9. Mobb Deep f. Nas & Q-Tip – Give Up the Goods (J.Period Remix) [Produced by Q-Tip]
10. Apache – Gangsta Bitch [Produced by Q-Tip]
11. ATCQ – If the Papes Come (Intro)
12. ATCQ – Check the Rhime
13. Behind the Scenes: Don’t Walk Away (Interlude)
14. ATCQ –Award Tour
15. Behind the Scenes: Award Tour (Interlude)
16. Hot Butter (Interlude)
17. J.Period f. Dres - Jazz Pt. 2 (Tribute Remix)
18. Behind the Scenes: We Got the Jazz (Interlude)
19. J.Period f. Blu– Jazz (Tribute Remix)
20. Skypager: Bob Power & Big Daddy Kane (Interlude)
21. Q-Tip f. Jay Dilla – Let’s Ride
22. Behind the Scenes: Bob Power You There? (Interlude)
23. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (Remix)
24. Q-Tip – Move (The Renaissance)
25. Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (J.Period Remix)
26. Respect to Phife Dawg (Interlude)
27. J.Period f. Consequence & Kid Cudi – Buggin Out (Tribute Remix)
28. ATCQ Consists Of…
29. Behind the Scenes: The Native Tongues (Interlude)
30. De La Soul f. Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip, Monie Love & Queen Latifah – Buddy (Remix)
31. Respect to Ali Shaheed Muhammed (Interlude)
32. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – N.T.
33. A Message From Talib Kweli
34. J.Period f. Questlove, Talib Kweli & Randy Watson – Youthful (Tribute Remix)
35. Q-Tip f. Amanda Diva – ManWomanBoogie (The Renaissance)
36. Chris Rock: Men vs. Women (Interlude)
37. De La Soul f. Q-Tip – Saturdays
38. De La Soul f. Q-Tip & Phife – Saturdays (Remix)
39. Q-Tip – She Likes to Move (J.Period Remix)
40. Dee-Lite f. Q-Tip – Groove Is in the Heart
41. Beastie Boys f. Q-Tip – Get it Together
42. Behind the Scenes: What Is Kapelka? (Interlude)
43. J.Period f. Skillz, Questlove & Randy Watson – What? (Tribute Remix)
44. Behind the Scenes: Busta Rhymes / Scenario (Interlude)
45. Busta Rhymes – Scenario (Unreleased Demo Tape)
46. Behind the Scenes: Hood R.I.P. (Interlude)
47. Hood – Scenario (Remix)
48. Aquarius Outtro
49. Behind the Scenes (Bonus): Reinvention (Kamaal the Abstract – A Million Times)

To download:

Edison and Arduino

Good looking chris

what did you think? from edison on Vimeo.

what did you think? from edison on Vimeo.

the first collab.....
between edison and simantic,
the death sting glitch dub

simantic - MPC2000 (guitar)
SP-404 (bass & efx)

edison - 40h (drums & banjo)
arduino synth (static)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday J Dilla

This Is for my Man Dilla. RIP

Dilla a.k.a Jay Dee - My Tribute 2009 from Andy Brown on Vimeo.

Won't Do


Dilla in the studio

Dilla Stories

Dilla & Frank the Dank

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F

For some reason, I'm really wanted to post this today...8)

And for those who don't know this is the theme from Beverly Hills Cop


You looking good Miss Alba 8)
Shout out to Vapors. I had to post this because I'm a big "Alba" fan

Ferrari 110 -Personal Post: When Everything is New

Just had my 1st setback of the year last night, but it's all good.
-Ferrari 110

This world'll try to break you with lies and fables
Make you not even believe in you no more
Had to get back to me, get back to mines
Get back to fam, get back to rhymes
Lay down at night and say without shame
Today I was a man, tomorrow I'll be the same
Be a bonfire when others are just a flame
Be a memory when others are just a name...
That's real words from a true heart
You can take it as a old ending or a new start

When Everything Is New - Little Brother