Friday, April 30, 2010

Jeezy - Hood Politics

Not really a Jeezy fan but this is real dope to me.

Hood Politics from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Smoothed out Sundays

Bobbi Humphrey - You Make Me Feel So Good

Donald Byrd - Stepping into Tomorrow

Betty Davis - Anti Love Song

BT Express - Ride On BT

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


DAMN!!!!!!! that's all I can say

Gang Starr - Full Clip


You Know My Steez



Little Brother – Curtain Call [Official Video]

Curtian Call
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - More video blogs and vloggers.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Brother - Curtain Call Video Trailer

Shout out to my brother EOP @ for posting this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smoothed out Sundays: The Return

I know I haven't done this in a while so
for all my people that love the videos for
smoothed out sundays....We are BACK!!!!!!

Dramatics - What You See Is What You Get (Watts, L.A. 1972)

The Bar-Kays play "Son Of Shaft" live in Los Angeles 1972

Isaac Hayes scores Shaft film - Café Reggio & Shaft Theme 1971

Barry White Love´s Theme

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Elzhi- Deep

I'm still trippin off this track...this is DOPE!!!!!!

YU's performance @ Fat Beats.

Even though I'm a little late posting this,
Big Shout out to the Homie YU for releasing "Before Taxes"
Make sure you go cop that.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BLU & EXILE featuring Miguel Jontel - "First Things First "

This is so True.....

Now, don't get it twisted broke niggas need love too
And underground rappers like to chill at the club too
I wanna get buzzed, bet drunk and get crunk
Get a chick to kick it with when I'm feeling fucked up but
Women be mentioning ya' whips and your chains
So I flip it like slaves come with whips and chains, we gotta liberate
But before I could mention my name
They be talking to the nigga with the keys to the range
And I can't even compete with these ballers trying to get at you
Cause I ain't even got enough cheese to try to match dude
Nor do I got a flat to bring you back to
But, I can roll up a blunt and try to relax you
Probably make you laugh when you mad in a bad mood
And ask a few questions 'bout caressing your statue
Cause no, I ain't got corn rolls or hood tatoos
But, I can fuck up any track that I rap too
I, know it's irrelevant, but rap is my profession
And just cause I'm a gentleman, don't mean I'm into settling
I spend most my time on the grind, but I ain't peddling rocks
Or trying to sign to the rock, I'm trying to meddle in my own business
So tell your girls mind they own business
And I would give you my digits but see my phone isnt...
Excepting calls to the bills get paid
Now you say you want the real but it's the real I'm saying, so what the deal

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Suff Daddy feat. Miles Bonny - 5 O'Clock Suff

Suff Daddy feat. Miles Bonny - 5 O'Clock Suff from MPMTV on Vimeo.

In the artist corner with...Tito Lopez

What's good y'all, I know I haven't done a interview in a min.
but I got a special treat for y'all today. All the way from Gulfport
Mississippi I present to you: "Tito Lopez" Check out the interview
and there are links at the end of the interview for you guys to check out.

F110: So let me start off by asking, would you be so kind as to tell the public your name, along with the city & state that you represent?

Tito: My name is Tito Lopez a.k.a. T.I.T.O. a.k.a. Tito Lo a.k.a. Barack LoBama a.k.a. the King with no crown and I'm from the small town of Gulfport, MS. Yes, I said MISSISSIPPI. The very bottom of the map.

F110: Your album "King with no crown" is out right now. What was the inspiration for the tittle and the overall tone of the album?

Tito: Well, the title actually came from my partner Dee Cee. He told me, along with alot of other people, that I should release a project of strictly original material. That way it could stand on it's own merrit, more than a traditional mixtape. It was originally supposed to still have the feel of a mixtape. Just me killing beats and having fun like I normally do, but halfway through recording it, I started to take it personal. Alot of producers and people behind the scenes were telling me that making original music was something that I needed to WORK on. Almost as if, I was ONLY good at freestyling over used beats. And that's bullshit, because I started in this game writing SONGS. I purposely killed alot of used beats intentionally to show that I'm better than all of your favorite rappers. So I said, "I'ma show these muthafuckas", and I went harder to make the best complete songs possible with some great producers and the result is...KING WITH NO CROWN. As far as the tone of the album goes, there's a few different tones. The front part of the album is more upbeat and intended to start off just BANGIN you in the head! It basically says "RESPECT ME" right off the bat. The middle of the album is more mellow and just alot of music you can ride to. And the last section of the album gets alot more personal.

F110: How has growing up in Mississippi, influenced your music as a whole?

Tito: I think growing up in Mississippi has given my music a real relatable, blue collar feel. It pretty much doesn't matter where you go in this state, you're gonna run into poverty. I think we may very well be the poorest state in America. We're most definitely behind the times down here. Not necessarily mentally or anything, but alot of the people in charge down here, society wise and politically, are still holding onto to an ancient, fucked up way of doing things. With that being said, you can hear in my words and the tone of my voice, a person that will WORK his way to the top. I've never really had much except music. As I grew older, I taught myself about more cultures and traveled alot. So I think I'm the best person to speak for the state. Now that doesn't mean that I'm a political, Dead Prez type of rapper. I mostly tell you MY story. Once everybody is familiar with MY story, then I can tell you a little more about where I come from.

F110: Who were inspirations coming up when you were younger?

Tito: First and foremost was Michael Jordan. He was the walking embodiment of greatness to me. He personified hard work, skill, determination, and greatness. And he still does. Musically, Michael Jackson was my favorite entertainer. That man was pure magic. Rest In Peace to him. As far as Hip-Hop, it was probably the Dungeon Family. I respect their style more than anybody. Smart niggas wit street sense. That's me. So shout out to all of them. My favorite rapper of all time, however, is Eminem. I love how he put everything about his life out there for the world. Good or bad. I got a million other favorites from Biggie & DMX, to Lauryn Hill & Missy Elliott. From Nirvana & Korn, to Erykah Badu & Dr. Dre. I listen to EVERYTHING. I didn't realize until I got older, how much my mother was an inspiration. Her tenacity and ambition is incredible. I get it all from her. She wouldn't stop until she got her Master's Degree and I won't stop until I leave my fingerprint on the world.

F110: In the current state of Hip Hop as a whole, what would you like to see more of? (example: creativity,

Tito: More TITO LOPEZ. Plain and simple. As far as creativity, originality, and all that, I see enough of that in Tito Lopez. I've got all of the elements that y'all would like to see more of. I don't care if these fake ass rappers out here get more creative or not, because I will. End of story.

F110: If you had to pick just one track off of your album as your favorite what would it be and why?

Tito: Very good question. Ummm...probably..."Fighting Demons". I expressed alot of the issues that have been bothering me for a long time. Some of them are the reasons for my motivation. That track was like therapy. Now that's not my REAL favorite, that was just a good answer. Lol My real favorite is "Can't Be Me" just because I snapped on that bitch! Lol My favorite beat on the album is for "Bad Dreams". The last track "Lost My Mind" I absolutely HATE! It's not a bad track at all, it just covers a very sensitive subject for me. Everyone seems to love it, but I can't even listen to it. Sorry. I think that's 4 tracks I mentioned. So much for that question. Lol

F110: This is a fun question I like to ask everyone I interview: If your album were a season (spring, summer, winter, fall) what season would would it be & why?

Tito: Another good question. U on it man! Lol I would have to say King With No Crown is a Spring album. Mainly because it's a breath of fresh air, and it was intended to just be a warm-up. I haven't even BEGUN to turn the heat up yet! Summer's on the way.

F110: Now that you're name is really getting out there, what is it that you hate most about the rap game? (example: meetings, the politics of the music industry, traveling all the time,

Tito: Most definitely the politics. I love the traveling, interviews, meetings and everything that comes with this life. I haven't even reached the peak of popularity yet. Some people don't even know about me yet, so everyday is a new adventure to me. As of late, I've come to the realization that this whole damn industry is fake. Your talent means next to nothing anymore. It's all about who you know. I'm sometimes very pessimistic and I don't trust none of these fake muthafuckas out here. I've seen the ins and outs of this business, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

F110: Now this is the opposite of the last question...what do you love most about the rap game?

Tito: The people. I don't really like the word "fan". When people write me on Twitter, Myspace, etc, and tell me I'm their inspiration, I'm their favorite artist, or they're rooting for me to win. Or when people are at the shows, small or big, cheering me on. It makes it all worthwhile. And I haven't gotten to stadium status yet! I can only imagine...

F110: When "Tito Lopez" isn't recording, doing interviews or in business meetings what does Antonio Lopez Mouring like to do in his spare time?

Tito: You know what, not be corny or cliche, but 99% of my day IS music. Writing, recording, and mixing IS what I do in my spare time. It's leisure for me. That's why it's easy for workaholic artists like me to keep cranking out music. It isn't actually work. It's fun. I am, however, a true movie buff. I take time out to go to the movies alot, and I'm a collector of DVD's. I've seen every movie ever made! And not just watching movies, I love FILM. Acting, directing, and everything. I try to incorporate it into my music. Listen to the album and my mixtapes again. You'll hear alot of movie quotes.

F110: Other than the album being out right now are there any up and coming projects that we can expect from you in the near future?

Tito: It's all about King With No Crown right now. I'll be promoting this all through the year. We're probably gonna drop visuals for 90% of the album. There's too much microwave shit out right now. People go on to the next thing so quick. Artists drop a project, promote it for a week, then start screaming about their next project. I'm guilty of it myself with all the mixtapes I've dropped, but I'm gonna promote this one for a minute and give it time to become a classic. My partner Nikko, however, has a mixtape out right now called "High On Arrival". He's dope, so y'all go check that out. Other than that...KING WITH NO CROWN!!!

F110: If you could work with 3 artist and/or 3 producers, who would they be & why?

Tito: NOBODY! There's a few (very few) dudes out here I respect on the mic, and a lot of producers I think are talented but, until I raise my profile a bit more, I won't mention them. I don't think anybody breathing is a better rapper than me, so I'm not gonna portray anybody as in a better space than me. If anything, they should be wanting to work with me. People only respect you getting it on your own.

F110: And finally, what advice would you give to any upcoming producers and emcees coming up?

Tito: First off, as I said before, I don't wish this business on anybody. It's about as stressful as a job gets next to being a fuckin' brain surgeon! So if you have another talent, and you feel you can live without this game, do something else. Now if this is your passion and you're do or die about it, don't look for any handouts. Nobody even gives you the time of day when you're on the come-up, but once you get to where they're at, they'll shower you with compliments and praise. Take it at face value, do it on your own, and keep your circle small. Leave out how you came in.


Tito Lopez - Soul Ride (Prod. By Adamack)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Thoughts...

Coming to terms with closure ...

On being perfect....

Let me prove myself....

On things getting worse before they get better...

On being the cool kid....

It make me wanna yell out, but I just chill
Because the love for my fam is priceless
Long as I got them we'll be able to fight this
Cause nigga I'm black, I was born in a financial crisis, shit!
So no eulogies, and no two-to-threes
I'll survive cause being broke ain't new to me

Mayer Hawthorne - I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Thoughts...

On Work...

On Big dreams....

On Understanding life...

I can't wait for the LeftBack Album...but I wish they weren't breaking up.

Anybody ever wonder what happened to Virgil from the movie "Project X"?

I can't live without my Radio....-LL Cool J

Jesse Boykins III : Itis

Buff1- Real Appeal featuring AB