Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Thoughts


I'm 28...
I'm Fresh
Enjoying life
And most importantly....Getting money.
So if you hatin' on that.....

I'm about this all day


Going through the fight of life

So tempted to get this tattooed on me somewhere.

Keep that head up at all times.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dom Kennedy & Curren$y-Hennessy Beach


Sunday Thoughts

Make your own path....

Just sayin'....

So True!!!!!!

That's what Becca told me ;)

Even though we aren't going to Spain this fall, I can't
let this setback affect our team.

I'm becoming a great one.

We'll get through these tough times....together

She can be full of swag, drive a Jag
Poppin' tags on the Ave but she can't get her cake from me- Mellohype

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

And this is how I plan to win in life.

The pain is gone from my heart
The faith is coming back into my soul
I smile more
I laugh more
I party harder
More thankful for the things I do have
I feel better about life.
I am not the man I use to be a year ago....and I love it.

The time has come....

A message to the haters and the non believers.

Some people need these more than others.

Me and my brother (Chris) are doing just that.... i sit back
And contemplate over this stage in my life,
Tryna keep my gains the same pace as my strife,
Hoping all for the best, but preparing for slights, I find myself
Staying up later and later at night than the
Night before, stressed out over dangerous plights,
Taking severe wrongs and tryna change em to rights,
Save a career loss, dead cantankerous snipes but it's
Quite the chore making time to stay up and write, add to
That: work, debt dodging, my name up in lights, but talking
To Ms. Right, and tryna make her my wife, by
George got me feeling like i'm willing to fight....just
For a second felt like I was winning tonight...
Short term gains battles short term loss, dwelling
On memories to make the pain take pause, but at
What cost? Because the fantasy ain't real even
If the thoughts alone give me sanity, but still...I
See your straw man and raise you a tin man, cause i'm
Empty from tryna build this card thin plan...
...Playing solitaire, but i don't wanna deal...I hope to
God that I could only feel...

Roman: cover my face like i'm playing
Texas hold 'em, cause they be playing my face...
I'm drained from giving love's embrace the steadiest chase...I need a
Turn of events if i'ma finish this race...
Hustle + struggle = deadliest pace :( hope and
Faith make promises, I caught em dead in a lie..
Make me wanna hit em solid square in they eye...
Prayer after prayer to no avail or reply...seems my
Heaven really is only up there in the sky, but when I
Die, they'll say I was one swell of a guy....
Sometimes i'm too calm or to quiet, vibe gets me
Viewed wrong...think I gotta "all smiley mood" on...
"Happy go lucky"- naw, real talk, ya dude's gone...
Flip the script to this and they like "man, yo what you on???"
...On: can one write fix two wrongs?...and have it
All fixed magically, but it's so sad to see that my
Existence, in all ways but one, ends tragically
I do songs to offset this tragedy, but get to
Say em out in rap at least...if these are my last words then
Let em be a masterpiece...

But it ain't about believing, it's about knowing,
It ain't about achieving, it's about growing,
It ain't about speaking, it's about showing, and
We ongoing.....we ongoing
Its about proving, not about's about
Doing, not about hoping, its about
Choosing, not about chosen,
So we on going.....we on going...
-Pharoahe' ManC

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Curren$y- This is the life, Still, She don't wanna man

"This is the life"


"She Don't Want A Man"

Big Nate ft. Beanie Sigel & Big O – Moving Fast on the Interstate (Philly to Mass)

Kidz in the Hall – My Diatribe (Video)

KIDZ IN THE HALL-MY DIATRIBE from Mike Paulucci on Vimeo.


Flwrpt & The Casual / Relationship Raps

words by: Devin “PAN” Barrett of “The Casual”

Many a relationship has been lost to the temptations of summertime. With the coming of this season and its sun rays, clothing becomes optional, sexuality is in abundance, and extended daylight leads to balmy nightlife, often at the expense of a long-term love. On the flipside, summertime is also when love connections are made. Nothing says summer like a humid day, and locking eyes with your dewy skinned soulmate for the first time, even if it only lasts for a season…or a night.

With this theme in mind, and with summertime officially upon us, Flwrpt & The Casual presents…RELATIONSHIP RAPS. This mix is a collection of ’90s hip-hop tracks, some obscure some familiar, all dealing in some way with the relationships between women and men. With each song, we tried to capture a distinct ’90s sound and essence, that somehow never crossed into mainstream consciousness, but played a large role in crafting the energy of the era.

We hope you enjoy…and stay tuned for further collaborations from Flwrpt and The Casual…

Via Flwrpt


Tracks / O.C. – Can’t Go Wrong / 2Pac – Temptations / Bahamadia – True Honey Buns / Junior Mafia – I Need You Tonight / Grand Puba – Baby What’s Your Name / Main Source – Looking at the Front Door / Trends of Culture – Old Habits / Organized Konfusion – Why? / Naughty by Nature – Sunshine / Apache – Hey Girl / LL Cool J – Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag (Remix) / A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum / Onyx – Da Nex Niguz / N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip (f/ Method Man) / Ghostface Killah – Camay / Double X Posse – Not Gonna Be Able to Do It (Criminal Minded Remix) / Chi-Ali – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number / The Pharcyde – Otha Fish / Mic Geronimo – Sharane / Lost Boyz – Renee / Notorious B.I.G. – Me & My Bitch / Da Youngstas – I’ll Make You Famous / Brand Nubian – Love Me or Leave Me Alone / Nikki D – Daddy’s Little Girl / Poor Righteous Teachers – Shakiyla

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Work Ethic and dedication....

I sincerely believe this.

"For every lost, there's an equal gain, For every gain there's
an equal lost"

What goes around comes around......

I hate when people give me some fake shit about
how they care when I KNOW deep down inside they
really don't.

This is so true, and I look at it as a good thing.

Sometimes pain is a good thing to go through and endure
because once you overcome it there's nothing that can stop
you and there's no looking back at the past.

The truth about all of us...

Enjoy youth...

I totally agree.....

I wish I had a little summer love to meet me by the lake.

I can grab the fireworks, the soda, all the cookies we can eat
Make you nauseous but be cautious, this is not Dawson's Creek
We could sneak away, fuck it, you could bring an eighth
I'm not gon' smoke but I'm just asking baby сould you meet me by the lake?
Said bring a towel, well baby meet me by the lake
Bathing suit is going down, shit just meet me by the lake
We could count the shooting stars, well could you meet me by the lake?
Summer never has to end with me

I'm give it to her, she wants that summer time
I'm give it like no other cause she knows I'm hers
Damn right she's mine, we both know it
So when we separate everything fine, her phone ringin' in her purse
Damn right it's me, I'm her nigga, nigga
Come for mines in summer time, I'mma bust that trigger, nigga
Catch us Venice beachin', she wanna go shopping
Sun down after club cause she like to get it popping
Sangria on my feet ma, cause she likes to get it popping
No ecstasy for her but she wanna get it popping
Drop topping, I measure her pleasure
Then drop in when she get out of place I quantinize
She is my concubine, I am her porcupine
I poke her face her throat for taste, give me head like I'm on her mind
I know her analyzation, so when she try to fake
Summer time in the boat of love, meet me by the lake
-Hodgy Beats

Tyler the Creator feat. Hodgy Beats- Analog