Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kurious ft. MC Serch & DOOM - Benneton

Little Brother - Can't win for losing

I feel ya Phonte.

I used to do it for the fans
'Til I realized that they'd never understand
what I was feelin as a man, fickle as Trav' Bickle
They either hatin you or they they'll stand
Then I said I'd do it for my fam
'Til I realized that they didn't give a damn
I stepped out of they comfort zone
Now I can't step, can't step inside my mother's home
Situation so nuts
So much for tryin to be a man
Then I said I'd do it for the props
'Til I realized that the props always seem to stop
when niggaz can't keep you all to theyself
Take you home, put you in they little box
Then I said I'd do it for my city
'Til I realized that I shoulda been warned
I stepped inside the ring, rockin my best apparel
Ma, I own the sparrow, but this torero
couldn't take the bull city by the horns
So now I'm back on my me shit
Cause me and my team gon' make it do what it do
Had a long hard talk with my nigga Jazzy Jeff
He said, "Fuck 'em 'Te, do it for you!"
So I'm doin it to
Lay up, lay back, in my room with a view
Wanna handle my biz on the low, keep it respectable
Make my music, keep it professional
I know you hate it, what the fuck else is new?

Murs - Break Up (The OJ Song)

True School DJ’s In London Part 1

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brother Reade: LAX LIVE

Saturday Vibes

Just some feel good Videos to get your day started.

A tribe called quest: Bonita Applebum

Skee lo- I wish

Ice Cube-Today Was A Good Day

Domino_ Ghetto Jam

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhart : Ropes

Hey "Hop", Thanks for sending me this video, Love ya a million.
-Ferrari 110

Hop told me that MTV wouldn't play it....I'm not even gonna start speaking
on how I feel about that.

Invincible "Ropes" feat. Tiombe Lockhart from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

In the artist corner with : "Jane"

It's amazing what you find on your best friend's myspace page.
I had the opportunity to get in touch with a beautiful vocalist by
the name of "Jane" to talk to her about her musical influences and
also her current project "Hello Jane" I would like to thank Jane personally
for helping me and doing this interview....YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

F110: So let me start off by asking, would you be so kind as to tell the public your name, along with the city & state that you represent?

Jane: Hello, I'm Jane! I represent the 7 Cities, VA and Hartford, CT... ALLLDAYY

F110: How long have you been doing music & how did you know that it was your calling?

Jane: Ha, that question always gets me. Well... I've been singing since I was three, writing since fourteen, and recording since fifteen.
There wasn't really a moment, a day, or even a month when I realized I wanted to make a career of what I love, it just sort of happened. More and more things started coming together for me musically and I figured the universe was trying to tell me something, so I went with it.

F110: Alrighty so I'm just going to jump into it, the EP "Hello Jane" first of all, what was your main inspiration behind this project?

Jane: Wow. Honestly, it was just the music. I LOVE the beats, and all of the words in the project were inspired by each beat. "Movies" came about because the strings in the beat reminded me of a Disney movie, "Flashback" talks about Cupid's shotgun because the beat has an effect that sounds like a gunshot, the "Lightspeed" beat sounded very futuristic to me, and "Him" constantly mentions a heartbeat because the bass sounds remind me of a heartbeat. I try to fit the words to the beat as much as possible, to make the song more powerful and real.

F110: What is your favorite track on the EP & why?

Jane: I always try to figure this one out for myself, haha. It's too difficult though. I chose those songs to put on the project because I absolutely love all of them. That's how it should be when you put out a product. I guess my favorite song changes with the date... tonight it's Lightspeed.

F110: Now, I read on a bio of yours that you've been influenced by your life in London, England. What effect does the culture of a different country have on the influence of your music?

Jane: Living out of the country and in a different culture really expands your musical knowledge. Its like, reading a book about a theory that you never knew existed before you read that book, if that makes sense, haha. There's almost no way for us to easily access music from other cultures here in the states, so it's difficult to get that wide variety of musical influence unless you really search, or live in a different country. When I lived in London, I disliked much of the popular music at first (I used to get so mad at my cousin for constantly playing it around me), but after a while of listening to it, I started to really appreciate the different characteristics that I had never been exposed to before.... like the crazy complicated bass lines of English garage (gar-idge) music. Little things like that influenced me, and it's those small pieces of each genre that I use to pull together and create something that's different, that's me. My music is everything I like, not the label I like.

F110: This is a creative question that I always like to ask. If your album were a season (spring, summer, winter, fall) what season would would it be & why?

Jane: Hmm... I'd say fall. In fall, you get to see unique colors that simply "wow" you. You never get to see them during any other time than those short couple months, and nothing in nature seems to look alike. My music is a mixture of all things that are beautiful to me. It is uncommon and diverse.

F110: Where do you see yourself 5yrs from now (goals, music)?

Jane: Signed to a major label, working, evolving, and reaping the success from my first studio album ;)
Oh! And living in a cute apartment in Manhattan with a Yorkie as my companion.

F110: Other than the "Hello Jane" EP is there any up & coming projects that are coming up for you in the near future?

Jane: Ha, nothing that's named yet. I'm always working on new music, whenever there's a flow of really good stuff, I'll package it up and slap a title on it for you all :)

F110: And finally, if you could work with 3 artist & 3 producers, who would they be & why?

Jane: LUPE FIASCO - because he's everything I need in an MC
CHESTER FRENCH (as artists and producers) - because I love them and their nonexistent senses of humor.
DAEDELUS - because his style varies so much and the music is consistently brilliant
DRAKE - because he's real, and I would like to thank him for that
THE NEPTUNES - because they always inspired me and I owe them a lot
PUSHA T - because it would be a happy ending

Here's the link for the album if you haven't already copped it.


Pharoahe ManC - The Baroque Period

Another Project from the big

"The Baroque Period" is Pharoahe' ManC's 4th release of 2009, and his first full length EP that features his lyrics and production. Getting help from his KMN counterparts, the album has guest appearances from Gemini 5ive, Prodi-G Jenks, DQ, Million Buxxx, and B-HI. In music history, the Baroque period followed the Middle Ages and preceded the Classical period. This period is most emblematic of where KMN stands right now: just before the classical period. Also, "baroque" is purposely spoken as "broke" as the theme of the EP echoes the woes of economic recession. With compositions like these and more in store, KMN is truly broke with if it aint baroque: fix it 8)
-Pharoahe ManC


01 The Baroque Period
02 Supa Nerd 8)
03 Rent! 3:16
04 No Good 3:53
05 Sacrifice 4:16
06 Lord Have Mercy
07 Promised Land
08 Maybe I'm Wrong
09 Dreams 4:05
10 Sick And Tired 5:36


Slakah The Beatchild “Enjoy Ya Self”

Shout out to

Kill The Record Labels (Docu. Trailer)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the artist corner with Crust & Grimes

Finally, I get somebody to do an interview on the
I got a chance to ask Crust & Grimes out of LA some questions about not
only their current project "Bleezy listening" but also how they feel about Hip Hop
and the future of making things happen.

If the album "Blezzy Listening" were a season what season would it be?
It's but not quite, more of a sub-tropical rainy season ya digg?

F110: So let me start off by asking, what is your Name, & the city and state that you represent?

C&G: We are bob schooler and Chris henderson aka Crust and grimes
and we are from the bay area in California. San Jose to be exact

F110: How did you guys come up with the name "Crust & Grimes"?

Grimes: Well thats always an awesome question because it has alot to do with the music we create. Our beats are pulled straight off the Mpc so they arent all that "clean" if you will. We also like that dirty hip hop with the vinyl popping and nasty drums so it was only right that our name represented that.

Crust: Ya, its just what we try and do to make it sound real hip hop, and we still tryin to find new stuff to give us what we want equipment-wise

F110: What inspired you two do music?

Grimes: We didnt get into hip hop until high school but it was albums such as Redman- Dare iz a Darkside, Black Moon- Enta da Stage, Snoop Doggy Dogg- Doggystyle, and many other classics that flipped the light switch in our minds.

Crust: Shit what grimes said, redman's one of the best, really love what Pete Rock does. Also prob what got us most inspired was bumpin old bay tunes, we came up in the Hyphy movement, which was dope, and that prompted us to dig deep and find all the old E-40, the Click, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, so much dope shit

F110: How long have you guys been doing music as a group ?

Grimes: We always wanted to do some thing with music but we just werent sure what. So finally in May of 08 we decided to take this hip hop shit thing seriously. It feels like its been way longer than a year though haha

Crust: Yeah just picked up the MPC 1000 back about a year ago and been takin the steps ever since.

F110: How did you two meet?

Grimes: Well its pretty funny how that happend and people will probably call us squares for this but we met in 8th Grade Honor Society at Campbell Middle School. We knew nothing about hip hop and we were just 2 above average students but we've been homies ever since.

Crust: Yup met in middle school 8th grade, i think we were talking about Rickey Henderson getting traded again to some random team haha.

F110: In reguards to your album "Bleezy Listening" what was the inspiration behind this project and how long did it take you guys to put it together?

Grimes: Well we like to smoke a lot of blunts and "bleezy" is the bay area slang for blunt so we decided that instead of easy listening we'd make it "Bleezy Listening". But as for the concept of the album we just wanted to make something for the smokers to vibe to but at the same time slap in their car and watch the mirrors vibrate. It took us about 2 or 3 months to do the album in total.

Crust: Shit, Grimes couldnt say it better himself, props to the name as well yee. Ya basically we've just been waitin for a way to show the world what we're doing, cuz we have fun and take it serious all at the same time. So we've been kickin the idea of puttin a beat tape out, pretty standard practice by producers. But we were just waitin for the right time, equiptment, and ideas. we must've kicked around at least 20 ideas over a few months or so just comin up with concepts for tapes before settling on Bleezy as our first one. Those others will have to wait stay tuned.

F110: If you could only choose one track each as your favorite on "Bleezy Listening what would those two tracks be and why?

Grimes: Id have to say blu(nt) just because the fact that it fits the album so well and the audience applause is so dope haha

Crust: Chronberry is my fave, its one we both did coast 2 coast. You see they arent all coproduced, a lotta solo stuff on there. But Chronberry is just wierd its not happy or chill or sad, just random, and someone's gonna shred that track up.

F110: If the album "Blezzy Listening" were a season what season would it be?
(example: Winter, spring, summer, fall) and why?

Grimes: Wow thats a tough one... Probably Summer because it has beats like Blu(nt) and Trealaxxx, but at the same time it has Go to the West and Slump in Peace which are chill but beats such as the latter can get you up out your seat and and move a crowd. To us, that is what summers about... chillen but still partying

Crust: Nah you trippin its like summer but not quite, more of a sub-tropical rainy season ya digg?

F110: Who would you say are some of your main influences?

Grimes: Off the top of the head itd have to be dilla, easy mo bee, biggie, snoop, Dr dre, outkast, The Pharcyde, UGK, Mac Dre (TIP), E 40 and many others

Crust: Too many, and always increasing by the day. So many people get tunnel vision and only listen to one subsubgenre of hip hop- thats not what it is to us. But then there are those on the other end of the spectrum who bump a large variety of hip hop but only cuz its whats fed to them. if you want to make it and not be wack, you got to dig through the music in search of what YOU like - thats what hip hop is to me

F110: How do you feel about the current hip hop scene in the state of California?

Grimes Well the bay area is kind of slowing down but cats like e 40, Del tha funkee homosapien, and yukmouth are still doin it big. Cali is still very underatted in hip hop and there are many good bubbling artists like blu, planet asia, fashawn, Mitchy Slick and many others.
Cali always has had some of the best music, yet its kinda skipped over when it comes to really good hip hop. The thing about Cali is that every artist is usually so unique. Like where else you gonna get keak da sneak, e-40, murs, planet asia, alchemist, and the pharcyde all in one state? In NY a lot of times MCs or producers just want to bite bite bite and carbon copy, not to hate or generalize, but its truesds

Crust: That being said, hip hop in Cali is kind of slow when it comes to new shit. All these legends are still doin it big, but where are the new kids at, besides Crust and Grimes? There are some newbies like blu and shit, but i want more than a small handful of dope artists.

F110: What do you guys feel is missing in music as a whole these days?

Grimes: Most of all its a lack of balance. In terms of MC's your either all swag and no rhymes or your all rhymes with no charisma. both of those MC's make very boring bodies of work. Guys like biggie, snoop, and redman had a steady balance of both which allowed them to make timeless albums. Producers are the same: their either making overproduced beats on FL studio for lil wayne, or their making really soft songs about loving girls and shit. Guys like dilla, pete rock, and easy mo bee were able to do both and that made them legends.

Crust: Yup 100% agree. Its all about the feeling, nothing else. Everyone wants to bitch about rhymes or beats, but it all boils down to the vibes. People need to get a little uncomfortable and start doin shit that isnt just the status quo. But yeah, not to get too deep but in the end all that matters is how you feel after a song or concert.

F110: What do feel you guys do differently as producers that sets you apart from other producers doing their thing?

Grimes: Well for starters we use an all analog setup contrary to people on software. We dont just make beats and throw them on the myspace either we have cool concepts for albums and we are trying to get into live beatmaking on stage.

Crust: I think we know a lot about hip hop from a lot of different circles, which comes out in our shit. We dont really try to be different, we're just doing what is dope to us... after that its just a matter of puttin in work

F110: What's in your cd deck right now? (Who is inspiring both of you right now?) And why?

Grimes: Mainly just the classic hip hop shit like Keith Murray - Enigma, Pharcyde- Labcabincalifornia, J dilla- Ruff Draft, Snoop- Doggy style, The chronic, Outkast- Atliens.

Crust: Hmmm I always bump Petestrumentals, recently so much ODB, Chip Fu, and i just got this shit from Kan Kick, this treal dj who worked with Madlib a lot in the beginning of all that. Anyway, he put out this instrumental album called Beautiful: Opus of Love Deeper Than Flesh

F110: If you could do a collaboration with five of your favorite artists right now, who would those five artist be and why?

Crust & Grimes: Madlib- He's just amazing with the beats, concepts, originality, flavor. everything about him is influential
Tha Alkaholiks- We always said that we want to ressurect the career of a great group and the liks are one of the best things to happen to hip hop and its a shame to see them not putting out albums anymore
Yeah also MF DOOM, we love his stuff and he would just be funny as fuck over our beats. Him over Chronberry? haha. Also in that list would be the Hiero Crew of Course, and maybe a track with like redman, ghostface, spice 1, dru down, and e-40.

F110: What's going on in the world of Crust & Grimes when you guys aren't working on new music?

Grimes: Oh well we are either coming up with albums, chillin with our girls, and also we like to play alotta video games. Pokemon, Nba live, megaman legends, Street fighter, and lots of others.

Crust: Hmmmm not much haha. Nah we do lots of stuff, but when we're chillin there ain't nothin better than gettin an array of bleezies, a stack of vinyl and seein where it takes us.

F110: And Finally, other than the Bleezy listening project that is out now, are there any upcoming projects that you would like to let the public know about? Is there an email or myspace page where people can contact you at?

Grimes: We got a little instrumental ep called CG easter treats that should be availiable for download in 2-3 weeks. Also the homie Juve is a longtime collaborator and we are putting out an album with him called "Dirty Soul" in may or june. You can reach us at or at
thanks Gem this means alot man always happy to do interviews

Crust: Man we're gonna hit the world with like 10 tapes this next year, and people will see whats up. I highly suggest everyone checks them out as they come. Not to give anything away, but some might include a series called "The Green Tapes" those will be fun. Just get ready for some straight funk.

Brother Reade feat. Micah James and Nash : How I really Be


Jane : Hello Jane (Free EP download)

Lightspeed is my favorite track


And So, It Begins
The Transformation




01.) Pacification (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
02.) Mongrels (Produced By Quasimoto)
03.) Da Boom (Produced By Quasimoto)
04.) Delusions Of Slander (feat. Naturel) (Produced By Madlib)
05.) SONAR (Produced By Madlib)
06.) Forcefeel (feat. SiLent Knight) (Produced By Madlib)
07.) Madagascar (Produced By Quasimoto)
08.) How You Feel (feat. Access Immortal) (Produced By Quasimoto)
09.) Montego Bay (feat. Ill Poetic) (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
10.) O.K. Corral (Produced By Madlib)
11.) P.A.T.O.I.S. (feat. Wordsmith & Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
12.) Red Bird (Produced By Madlib)
13.) Vowel Movements (Produced By Madlib)
14.) Wrapsure (Produced By Madlib)
15.) Goin' Back To El Segundo (feat. Dominque Larue) (Produced By Madlib)
16.) A Hard Drive (Produced By Madlib)
17.) Aftershox (feat. Zero Star) (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
18.) Bing Chaireez (feat. Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
19.) Bolsheviks (Produced By Jaylib)
20.) C.Y.I.D.I.T.C. (Produced By Quasimoto)


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Crust and Grimes :Bleezy listening Album download

This is really good album from some friends of mine out in Cali.
Download ASAP!!!!!!!

01 Bleezy Listening Intro
02 Go to the West
03 The B House
04 Jump
05 C+G
06 17S
07 Keith Hernandez
08 Trealaxx
09 Blue Dream
10 Not That Bullshit
11 The Realest
12 Worldwide
13 Raekwon Interlude
14 Chronberry Juice
15 Randy Marsh
16 Cory 6
17 Blu(nt_)
18 Life Worth Livin
19 Zoloft
20 Slump in Peace
21 Chicken Tundras
22 Too H@rd
23 Outro (to be bluntinued_)
24 Blueberry (Time)


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Friday, April 3, 2009

Karriem Riggins - Music Kaleidoscope

Shout out to EOP for posting this.
-Ferrari 110

To download: