Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ferrari 110 : Best of 2008 pt. 3

More videos

Q-Tip - Getting Up

Getting up - Q-Tip aka Kamaal aka Abstract

Kanye West: Good Morning

Flying Lotus "Fall in Love (J Dilla Tribute)"

Johnson & Jonson - Up All Night

Ferrari 110 : Best of 2008 pt. 2

Best albums in my opinion

People under the stairs: Fun DMC

Foreign Exchange: Leave it all behind

Johnson & Jonson (Blu & Mainframe)

N*E*R*D: Seeing sounds

Ferrari 110 : Best of 2008 pt. 1


DGENERATE NATION - Skate With Me from DGENETICS on Vimeo.

Living Legends - That Looks Good

U-N-I: Beautiful Day

Pacific Division - Taste

Jean Grae - Love Thirst

On Tour w/ Double-O

Me & Double gone have to dance

On Tour w/ Double-O from ian macpherson on Vimeo.

Friday, December 26, 2008

L.E.G.A.C.Y. & DJ Flash - The NC Chainsaw Massacre


1. Intro (Produced by Soul Professa)
2. Off The Man feat. K Hill, Panama G.A.T. (Produced by Khrysis)
3. Leatherface (Freestyle)
4. That Me Shit feat. Sean Boog (Produced by Khrysis)
5. Heat Rises feat. KAZE, Nervous Reck (Produced by Khrysis)
6. I’m A Star (Remix) feat. Joe Scudda, Chaundon, Median (Produced by 9th Wonder)
7. No Regrets Pt. 2 feat. Lunatic Messiah, Spec Boogie, Dynas (Produced by K Hill)
8. 4 Cornered Room (Produced by Khrysis)
9. Freestyle
10. The Underworld Pt. 2 (Produced by Soul Professa)
11. Freestyle
12. Man Next Door (Produced by Dox)
13. 14 Grams (Produced by Khrysis)
14. Freestyle

To Download:

Blu - Change Ya World & Mr. Blu

To Download:Change ya world

Bonus: Mr. Blu

People under the stairs: The wiz

I just wanted to repost this video because I'm on vacation, and
if I could describe how I'm feeling right now this video sums it up 8)

Their Words - Amanda Diva

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone....8)

pt. 1-3

pt. 4

pt. 5-6

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fashawn Mixtape- Higher Learning


01. Intro
02. Fortified Live (Remix)
03. Freedom
04. Let Me See Your ID (Skit)
05. Day ‘N’ Nite (Remix) (feat. KiD CuDi)
06. Sunday Morning (Remix) (feat. K-OS)
07. The Far Left (feat. Alchemist & Evidence)
08. Turf Rap (Remix)
09. Seize Power (Skit)
10. Politics (feat. Krondon)
11. Jimmy (Ratatat Remix)
12. Fake ID
13. Life Is Too Short
14. Buyers Guide
15. Cold Shoulder (Remix) (feat. Adele)
16. You Lookin At Me (Skit)
17. Something Special
18. Do You (Skit)
19. Still Gettin Mine “5-5-9″ (Remix) (feat. Rickochet)
20. Beautiful Day (Remix) (feat. Evidence, Big Pooh, Aloe Blacc, Mickey Factz, Theo & Kes Kaos)
21. Over When Its Done (Outro)

To download:

Video: People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops (Live) @ HHO

Camp Lo - Pop Champagne

Dope but not uptown saturday night favlor

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ferrari 110 x Washington D.C.

Just to let everyone know....tomorrow, I'm on my way to one of the most Beautifulest, dirtiest, prettiest, grimiest, wonderful, charismatic places on the face of this planet..... Washington D.C.
I got a girl that I use to talk to that brags on NYC all time. (no disrespect to the NY viewers) BUT!!!!! this is the place that does it for me (next to Chicago ;) )
So Just to let all my D.C. peoples know....I'll be up in the city for the holidays, I can't wait to hit the Oh.... and don't think I forgot about my Maryland family...shout out to LANDOVER!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I don't really take that many days off.....I'm still gonna post heavy while up there if I can.
-Ferrari 110 will be coming

Kev Brown: The Versatility Joint

Oddisse: Camera

Wale: Nike Boots

Sunday, December 21, 2008

smoothed out Sundays: Me and Mom by: Charlie McCarthy

Tomorrow is my mom's Birthday. I remember when life was this easy.
-Ferrari 110

me and mom from Charlie McCarthy on Vimeo.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback (Prod. by Khrysis)

I've been waiting to hear the full version on this song.
-Ferrari 110

The Comeback (prod. Khrysis) - Rapper Big Pooh

To download The comeback:

Murs on Sound Session

Murs on KUBE 93's Sound Session (Part 1 of 2) from DJ Hyphen on Vimeo.

Khrysis On the Boards w/ the Heat v.2 (Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic)

10. Back At It (Little Brother)
11. Money On The Table (The Away Team)
12. N*ggaz Is Commin (Torae ft. Tash)
13. Starvation (LIttle Brother ft. Chaundon)
14. Can I Live (Chaundon)
15. Crazy (Rapper Big Pooh)
16. Keep It To The Side (Rapper Big Pooh)
17. Greedy (The Away Team)
18. After The Party (Little Brother)
19. Waitin On You (Kenn Starr)
20. Sick Em (Smif-N-Wesson)
21. One (Sean Price)
22. Something To See (Torae)
23. Psycho Ward (The Away Team ft. Sean Price)
24. Word Has It (Supastition)
25. Rize (Median)
26. Sum Of Me (The Away Team ft. Evidence)
27. Gun Rap (Smif-N-Wesson)
28. JM Heartbreak (Jozee Mo)
29. The Weirdo Zone (Joe Scudda)
30. Told You That (Chaundon)
31. Real Late (Peter Rosenburg ft. Phonte)

To download:

Video: Exile - Milli

Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

VBS X Big Daddy Kane 1, 2 & 3

Blu - Mars (Produced by Dela) & Cadek feat. Blu - Hard Times

To download Mars:

Mars - Dela & Blu

hard times feat blu - cadik

To download Hard times:

MeLo-X - Mustafa’s Renaissance [Mixtape]

01. Mustafa’s Renaissance
02. BoomClap
03. Crumbs, Change & Hair Pins (feat. Nikki Ntu & Theophilus London)
04. I Dont Rap
05. Keep The Faith (feat. Jesse Boykins III & Print)
06. Incredible (Remix) (BK Intro)
07. Just Me
08. Treat Her Right (And I Know)
09. With You
10. First Time (Coolie High)
11. The Imfamous BayDigger
12. The Peepz
13. Neva Free
14. 3L’s (Beat Tape 2005)
15. Tehas Rice
16. Mickey Factz - Rapio 2 Point OH
17. Tehas Beans
18. Tabloids House (Remix) (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
19. Atlantic Soul
20. With You (Revised)
21. Mustafa’s Revenge (NY Jewels)

To Download:

N.E.R.D. - Sooner Or Later

Mark Morrison - Innocent Man (feat. DMX)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Pharcyde - Bobby Evans Mix

This is a mixtape I think everyone should check out. This is from a very good personal friend of mine
by the name of Bobby Evans. Bobby is sick when it comes to doing mixtapes so I think you guys should like it.
-Ferrari 110

01. Devil Music (Intro)
02. Soul Flower (TBNH Version)
03. Soul Flower (Remix)
04. Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)
05. Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks)
06. Soul Flower (Wrong Tree)
07. Oh Shit
08. Return Of The B-Boy
09. All Live
10. Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix) (Produced By: Kenny Dope) instrumental
11. I'm That Type Of N*gga
12. I'm That Type Of N*gga (Straight Up Faded Mix)
13. Officer
14. Ya Mama (Remix)
15. Ya Mama
16. Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix) (Produced By: Matt Dike)
17. Quinton's On The Way
18. Pack The Pipe (Mr. Gib Remix) (Produced By: Mr. Gib)
19. Pack The Pipe
20. Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)
21. Otha Fish (LA Jay Remix) (Produced By: LA Jay)
22. Otha Fish (The Heavy Head O.G. Remix)
23. Fatlip Intro
24. Passin' Me By
25. Passin' Me By (Brixton Flavour)
26. Passin' Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)
27. Passin' Me By (Hot Chip Remix) (Produced By: Hot Chip)
28. Bullshit instrumental
29. Splattitorium
30. Y? (Jay Dee Remix)/ Ice T (Produced By: Jay Dee)instrumental
31. Groupie Therapy
32. My Soul
33. On The DL
34. Drop
35. Drop (Da Beatminerz Mix) (Produced By: Da Beatminerz)
36. The Hustle
37. Runnin' (Jay Dee Remix) (Produced By: Jay Dee) instrumental
38. Runnin'
39. Runnin' (Rae & Christian Remix) (Produced By: Rae & Christian)
40. Runnin' (Philippians Remix) (Produced By: Philippians)

To download:

Apple MacBook - TriBook

This is Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

True Hip Hop Stories - Master Ace

True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace from D-Nice on Vimeo.