Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

LOL.....Me, Mike, Carl, Chris, Botch, Dunn, and Chante' have

On having full-time charisma.

I'm enjoying my youth right now. That's why I party so hard.


Stick to your own blueprint.

Live your own life and write your own story.

People Under The Stairs- Fly Love Song

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mar Variation - Inglewood

Sunday Thoughts

I wrote this on my other blog last week.

Subject: Goals/Blessed

I finally have some goals picked out and a way to achieve them. At the same time I feel very blessed and happy to have the life I live. Now of course it comes with ups and Downs like everyone Else’s but I feel really happy about the life I’m living. Everything that you want in life will come to you if you work hard and I’m now seeing the results of doing that. Now you’re always going to have people who will hate on you rather because they can’t do it, because they can’t aren’t you, or because you actually put the work in to achieve it. You have to say FUCK IT!!! and do you. Because the fact of the matter is that they can’t be you. So with that said….follow your dreams and DO YOU!!!!!!

From here on out...#thatisall

I'm not a big Wale fan but this quote go hard.

I'm finally seeing it happen....

Be happy and gratefully for what you DO have.

LOL!!!!!! I don't smoke anymore but this is too funny.
I have a homeboy that lives by this.

I'm gonna find a girl who will just believe me on this.

So far, this is going well for me!!!!!!

Remember that!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strong Arm Steady ft. Fiend – Made In America (Studio Session)

Video SAS x Fiend x The Futuristiks - Made in Amercia ( Preview ) from Lets Keep Going on Vimeo.

Sunday Thoughts

In a Madrid state of mind!!!!!

What else can I say....

I felt like this last night. Forget trying to take over the night,
embrace it, endorse it, support it, BE IT!!!!! I AM THE NIGHT!!!!!!

I don't know how I feel about this. I understand what
this is saying but not saying thanks is just rude.

I'm 27, Single, Handsome, Got a Chill Job, Nice Car, No huge Bills,

At the end of the day, I go out to forget all my

Friday, May 13, 2011

Memphis Bleek – Kush Gang Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

1. Intro
2. Kush Gang
3. Racks On Racks
4. What The Fuck Is Up
5. Grind
6. She’s A Rider (feat. Phaze 3)
7. Like This
8. Serato & Blunts
9. A Work In Progress
10. Get Away
11. Toast To Em
12. Coming To Break U
13. Come Again
14. Get Throwed
15. Before Memphis
16. Outro


5ive & 13irteen: "Work In Progress" EP

WE BACK AT IT!!!!!!!!

Curren$y - #JetsGo (Official Music Video)

Mayer Hawthorne EP, all covers -- "Impressions"


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks Mom....for everything. Without you there is no me.

Tupac- Dear Mama

Sunday Thoughts

Dark and Twisted...

That's why I do it.

If you ever want to succeed in life you HAVE to tell
yourself this everyday.

One Darth Vader's best quotes.

I feel as if the storm is over.
Now I'm just waiting for the sun to
shine and dry up this rain.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Memphis Bleek - Grind

Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats & Syd Tha Kid Perform "Analog" For Radio 1 Live

Trek Life – Everything Has Changed (Album)

1 Ready to Live
2 Still Never Rains
3 As the World Turns
4 Everything Changed Nothing
5 Wow
6 What It Is
7 Due West
8 So Supreme
9 I’d Rather Be
10 So LA
11 Jump Out There
12 Might Sound Crazy


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fresh Daily – The Quiet Life (Album)

1. The Quiet Life 03:27
2. Easy 03:50
3. DoWhatTheyWon’t 02:34
4. Field Notes feat. Suede Jury 03:15
5. Say Yes 02:50
6. Next Time feat. ScienZe 04:33
7. Art Mirrors 02:20
8. Good Dude feat. Cocoa Sarai 03:04
9. Diamonds feat. Chris Faust 03:07
10. Early 03:24
11. Fresh is G O N E 04:01
12. Back To Back 01:24
13. Eye Contact 02:50
14. Impossible Dream 02:49
15. Good Dude feat. Cocoa Sarai JINESIS REMIX 02:44


Livin' the Jet Life with Curren$y and Friends

Livin' the Jet Life with Curren$y and Friends from Scoremore on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

6 projects in two years, + one in the making,
+ about 3 more to come = 2 kids with a vision, a
dream and the drive to make it happen.

Desperate Measures
5ive & 13irteen
Do What I Won't
The Baroque Period
LIttle Giants
A Work in Progress (coming soon)
Plaid Shirts & PBR (coming soon)

Ever have that feeling that you can see things
before they happen and know it's meant to be?
Well Chris and I feeling that way right now.
We're gonna make it. I've never felt this good about anything
in my life. #Madrid

Why I work so hard on music all the time....

Thinking of you... yeah you ;)

#Madrid #5ive & 13irteen

rolling solo...

I'm shy, timid, slow on the draw
ignore em when they close but love em from a far
star, naww thats not on my mind,
I been on a mission for that one im tryna find
but i get caught living life by the rhyme
living life on the grind, just living like I,
be 20-something on my birthday
its a catch 22 i want a girl to support me,
call me up when im out on the road
come to a couple shows and critique a nigga flow
well yes no maybe so, thats what im lookin for Tay
i just dont know
so, imma be a bachelor
It's a big pooh thing smooth oper-a-torr
the next time that im in for sure, ill probly fall to the hands of the lord..
-Rapper Big Pooh