Monday, June 22, 2009

Es Nine- Light of Day

The Instrumental "Hour Glass" Is Perfect for a Sunday Morning"

Carnival Ride
For Granted
Had It All
Hour Glass
I Miss H.E.R.
Jacks Joint
Make a Difference
Pete's Crusade
Till Infinity
Who I Am


Busdriver- Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsets)

HA HA HA This is like the Terminator for the

People Under The Stairs : What's in my bag?

Shout out to

p.s. from what the boys say, that "Shwayze" Album really

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joey Quotable: Above 1

New material from my man Joey Quotable...
He decided to reflect some things from his heart using an instrumental from Drake's
So far gone mixtape....good stuff


Joey Quotable:

Ladies, dames, its never the same, after love started you never want
it to end, spin.. the world will even if you never got your feel,
that’s why my eyes touch more than my eyes do, that’s how I drew you
in…with a pen, then whisper behind your ear like the wind, I met you
in class, I switched seats cause some ass to my seat, now you looking
at me, peep the video we watched in class, I made you laugh, asking
about the ring on my finger (are you married), I looked at my hand and
replied no, with a linger in your eyes, im surprised.., next week or
so, u touching me to pass my chair, you never knew I liked that purple
in your hair, dark eyes and long lashes, that caught me like a Venus
flytrap im ashes, cause I’ve just been smoked..., as we walk side by
side, I ask what’s on your ipod…, my gawd…, you say you listen to
Justice you crazy…, you say you like The Bird and The Bee you crazy…,
im in love…, soaring through the clouds like the wings of a dove…,
above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above, above….

Joseph, you are NOT the father

I know this is wrong, but it's
Take that Jesus...HA HA HA

9th Wonder Presents Tyler Woods - Prove Myself

Monday, June 15, 2009

Buff1 feat. AB - Real Appeal (prod. 14KT)

I heard this song on a podcast but didn't know who did it.
I love this!!!!!!!

And you don't even think that I'm sexy, you just like the way you feel
when you next to me.
-Bluff 1

Buff1 "Real Appeal" feat. AB (produced by 14KT) from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Raekwon PSA For Nas

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mos Def Reacts To New Self Scientific Songs

I need this song "jetski" that is playing in the background.

MVPs - Kobe & LeBron (Lil Dez Final)

Bobby Evans: Freak-A-Zoid Robotz on the iphone

This is really dope.....this is how Winston Natives do it.

I just found out that my song Freak-A-Zoid Robotz is on Tap Tap Revenge 2 for iPhone.
Pretty stoked that it’s one of the hardest levels to beat.
-Bobby Evans

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's my B- Day!!!!!!!!

I'm taking the day off to celebrate my birthday, but you know
I got some vids for y'all to hold ya until I get back on sat.
These are just some of my summer favorites.
-F 110

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Summertime

Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World

U-N-I: Beautiful Day

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More of the MVP'S

Kobe & LeBron (Lil Dez)

Kobe & LeBron (Car Jump)

Sports Center Theme

Monday, June 1, 2009

Big L - Games Females Play

I know this lady by the name of Katie
If you broke, she's shady
You got cash? She's ready to have your baby
The type of female the fellas stress
Stay fresh to death, well dressed
In Chanel, Guess, nothing less
Body got more curves than an S
I smoke her boots like Sess
And I confess the sex was the best (yes)
Within a week she had keys to my res
And then later my man Squeezer gave her g's to invest
Then one day I overheard her talking to friends
Saying how she didn't like me, all she want is the ends
Yo honey was sheisty
Had me thinking she was wifey, tricking ridiculous
Given her dues that was icey
I said it's over
And what I gave you, you can have that
It wasn't even her - it was myself I was mad at
Letting that dame use me for my name and my fame
That's lame, but it's a shame how I fell for the game

A year ago I did a show for some dough
Puffed a bag of hydro then broke out on the low
And on my way out, it was a female on my trail
Who followed me from the stage to the Benz SL
I asked honey her name, she replied, "Monique"
Soft and sweet, from her head to feet, hotter than heat
Jump in the passenger seat, let's go get somethin to eat
She said I was that Roc-a-Fella she'd been dyin to meet
I tried to hit it first night, she said she wasn't a freak
Yeah right - it's all good, so I waited a week
Then one night to my crib she decided to creep
Knocked on a nigga door and woke me outta my sleep
I let her in before you know it we was doin our thang
I drove her home, and said tomorrow give me a ring
It was about a month later when she gave me a call
With some bogus ass story that was off the wall
Claimin she's pregnant with my child, I think that's quite foul
How is that? I wore a Lifestyle