Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slum Village & Mick Boogie - The Dirty Slums (Mixtape)

1. Mick Boogie & nVMe Intro *
2. Slum Village: God Sent (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
3. Slum Village: Just The Past (f/ Big Sean & Black Milk) *
4. Slum Village: Music (f/ Focus…)
5. Slum Talks About The Evolution
6. Slum Village: Hunger (f/ Vice & Focus…)
7. Slum Village: Church (f/ Focus…)
8. Slum Village: Fresh (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
9. Slum Village: Turnin’ Me Off (f/ De La Soul)
10. Slum Talks About Native Tongues
11. Slum Village: Beats and Breaks
12. Slum Village: Special (f/ Phonte)
13. Slum Village: They Say Remix (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Phife) #
14. Slum Village: The Hard Way (f/ Focus… & Joe Scudda) #
15. Slum Talks About The Legacy
16. Slum Village: They Don’t Know (f/ Vice & J Ivy)
17. Slum Village: Mortal Kombat (f/ Vice & DJ Bonics)
18. Slum Talks About The Future
19. Slum Village: Da Essence (f/ Vice)
20. Slum Village: Reppin’


All Songs Produced by Young RJ
Except # Produced by Focus… and * Produced by nVMe

BLING47 BREAKS DILLA EDITION: DJ Dez - Finger Tips Bling47music

Kendrick Lamar On Last Call With Carson Daly (Video)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

We own the night....

This might have to be my next book....

So work hard for it!!!!!!!!

Keep it simple....

Just sayin'

Monday, March 19, 2012

Apollo Brown & OC- Prove me wrong

Oddisee - Right Now (feat. Diamond District)

Doc Delay | Galactic Gazebo Music

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Curren$y Performs Michael Knight At the Vibe House

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lil Cease Says His Favorite Biggie Record, I Got a Story To Tell Is Genius

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Sunday Thoughts

That's right!!!! We back with the Sunday Thoughts.
I'll try to get some more new content so I can keep this
going strong again.

This weekend has been nuts but it brings me to one conclusion.....

Very dope quote.

Choose your own path.....

I can now post this and truly mean it.

Some Day.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Raekwon ft. Ceazar-N-Reason – The Brewery

Nas – The Don (prod. Salaam Remi, Da Internz & Heavy D)

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Get a hold

Didn't Cha Know

I Don't Know

F110 PSA

What's good everyone. For the past 6 months or so I've really been slacking on the post
and I wanted to apologize for that. Between losing family members, changing jobs and
some other personal stuff I just got side tracked. So for the next month I'm trying really
hard to be back on the blogging on a more consistant basis.