Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the artist corner with...Chaundon

Now this is probably my favorite interview that I've done so far.
I had the pleasure of of meeting this talented emcee a few summer's
ago. Now I give you a insight on what's going on in his world. So with out
further delay....I give you CHAUNDON!!!!!

F110: Before we start, For all of those who might not be familiar with you, tell the people your name and place you represent.

CHAUNDON: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Chaundon, The Bronx Borough President, The Punchline Perfectionist repping the Hall Of Justus.

F110: So let’s just jump right into it, you got the new album “No Excuses” coming out. What can we except from this album as oppose to the other albums and mixtapes that you’ve released in the past?

CHAUNDON: What you can expect from NO EXCUSES is a complete cohesive solo album from yours truly. I created this album minus rap features because a "solo" album has been redefined recently as an album with a gang of features. So I took it upon myself to set the example and raise the bar of what a solo album sounds, looks, and feels like. The difference in NO EXCUSES in comparison to my previous releases are vivid stories and gems I never put forth before. Plus 11 out of the 14 tracks are created with out samples by the extremely talented 18 year old producer, DK The Punisher. Keep an eye out for him. I also have 2 of the most incredible producers in the world, Ill Mind, and M-Phazes who laced me with classic tracks to make NO EXCUSES an unforgettable LP!

F110: I was on twitter about a week ago and saw your ustream about the producers on the album. Now I know it’s gone through some changes (producer wise). How did you finally decide on who you were going to get to put in some work on this album?

CHAUNDON: When I began the recording process I started out with 2 Ill Mind joints which gave the album its direction sonically. Then D.K. The Punisher who was 16 at the time sent me 6 of the most incredible tracks I've heard in a minute. I wrote to those tracks that week and told him that he will do the majority of my album. Then a short week later, Matt Diamond of Coalmine Records, hit me with the dopest beat to come out of a pair of speakers by M-Phazes. After that I knew I was on the road to creating an album to stand the test of time.

F110: While recording “No Excuses” what have you been up to recently? What’s been going on in the world of “Chaundon’?

CHAUNDON: During the recording of NO EXCUSES I was recording another album produced by Shuko and The Gunna. The sound of each album is completely different so when I started receiving beats from them I was compelled to write. Their music inspired me to create something special. So in the world of Chaundon the air was filled with timeless music!!

F110: Tell us a little bit about the first single “Yall Don't Want It” featuring the lovely Carlitta Durand. How did the concept for that song come about and what statement are you trying to get across with this track?

CHAUNDON: When I played the M-Phazes track the verses just poured out of my soul. The pen didn't stop moving until both verses were done. I felt I said everything that needed to be said to the world. Then the hook automatically popped in my head. The sound of the sample sounded like it was saying "waaaant it" lol so I built around that. I came up with the melody and the words then called Carlitta to the studio to lend her superb vocals to make the cipher complete. Lyricism to a dope beat is the statement of the song. I am basically proving to commercial radio and the fans of it that dumbing down is not an option and balance needs to be restored. Plus I'm a problem and "Yall Don't Want It" is more than a song title, its a warning.

F110: What is the overall tone for “No Excuses”?

CHAUNDON: The overall tone of the album is to let people know in life there is no excuses when it comes to the decisions you make. Once you hear the album you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

F110: This is a fun question I like to ask everyone I interview: If your album were a season (spring, summer, winter, fall) what season would it be & why?

CHAUNDON: It would be the summer because summer time is the season people remember for the rest of their lives. NO EXCUSES will be an album that will be talked about every summer until the Most High decides to turns the lights out on this small planet.

F110: In the current state of Hip Hop as a whole, what would you like to see more of? (example: creativity, originality,)

CHAUNDON: I would love to see more creativity and originality. It seems as if the artists of today are sheep who follow the popular artist of the moment and its sad. In the 80's & 90's people got punched in the face just for biting. Now these days biting is the thing to do. For the young readers who were born after 1996, biting is an old school term that means copying another persons style and sound of music.

F110: What’s next up (work wise) after “No Excuse’s” drops?

CHAUNDON: After NO EXCUSES drops I plan to be on the road to promote the album. Shoot some videos to further build my visual presence. Then I will be setting up to release the album produced by Shuko and The Gunna and start the cycle all over. I also started picking tracks for an album which will be produced solely by Kuddie Fresh. I'm a busy man lol

F110: Are there any upcoming tours coming up that you’re apart of to promote the album?

CHAUNDON: I am in the process of putting a tour together beginning in August. Once things are solidified I will put the word out about it.

F110: And finally…what advice would you give any up and coming artist / producers in the game?

CHAUNDON: The advice I would give is to make your sound bullet proof. Meaning, to make it undeniable. Don't sell yourself short and compromise your integrity just to sell a record. And most importantly, BE ORIGINAL. Why be the next Jay-Z when you can be the 1st you!

Be sure to go cop "NO EXCUSES" and check out the rest of the catalog:
Twitter: @Chaundon

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Sunday Thoughts

Let's get lost in infinite space together

Women with vintage tees and 80's sunglasses are sexy to me.

Be orginal....

My thoughts on going for yours.....

My opinion on being rock star status...

Anyone ever had this happen to them???

Black is still the pure definition of "Classic"

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Great Beer Commercials

Billy Dee Williams

Schlitz Beer with the Commodores

Notorious BIG - St. Ides commercial


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Studio Day

So I stayed up pretty late last night, writing and trying to
come up with new things to write about. I started having
a bit of writers block so I started watching some of these videos.
I love watching people I look up to work in the studio (it inspires
me because they make it look so easy and makes me relax more)
Here are some of my personal favorites.

BLAKROC webisode 11: feat. Raekwon

Sade - Making Of The Album

Mos Def: In The Sudio

Black Milk Broadcast: 2010 Preview

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chaundon - Yall Don't Want It feat. Carlitta Durand

<a href="">Yall Don't Want It by CHAUNDON</a>

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Sunday Thoughts

Timing is everything.

I can't wait to go back to.....

Being 5ive & 13irteen is starting to feel like we're these guys... it's good times ahead.

Time to get this money...

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Sunday Thoughts

And now a word from Ferris.....

People under the stairs - Fly love song

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A.G. - Infected

DAMN!!!!!!! A.G. KILLED THIS!!!!!!!!!


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Smoothed out Sundays (Hip Hop edition)

Skyzoo "Easy To Fly" Music Video

A Tribe called quest - Electric Relaxation

The Roots - Silent Treatment

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Searching

Digital Underground - Wussup Wit The Luv Feat. 2Pac